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Hi people, have somebody a full faq how to edit or create movies in the movie maker?

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Nobody has created this. It's pretty much this:

An "actor" is an object. You take an image, like a hand, and assign it to the object (or "actor"). Then, you give it a movement command to go to another coordinate (location) on-screen and say how long it should take to move there (1.2s = 1&1/5 seconds).

The rest can be found out through trial/effort or by checking out the documentation for the .bntl files on this site.

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I've made some movies and I can tell you how it works
If you like?
But more specificly

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I want, tell me...

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actors are the images or texts that can be used in the movie.
every actor needs a keyframe, so I always get all the images I need for the movie and add keyframes 0 and 1 to start with.

do not move, size or rotate in the keyframe 1 any images (texts)or you'll mess it up.

start from keyframe 0 and move, size and rotate images but slowly in the movie sequence. you can add keyframes basically as many as you like.

I'm not sure about the music yet.

you can also have animation. I never tried them
read more here: