Compressing .ogg files without cutting the song

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I'm almost done with my Geometry Hyperspace, however my custom music were larger sizes, around 4MB. How can I compress my music files without cutting the song so I can publish Geometry Hyperspace in goofans?


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  1. Make the bit rate lower. But this may make the music sound terrible.
  2. Try to use 7-zip to zip the goomod.
  3. Ask davidc for help.
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*inserts obligatory make-sure-your-songs-aren't-copyrighted comment* But iirc you're generally good about that kind of stuff.

What Mygod said^^. 7-zip can squeeze a bit of extra file space out, but not a whole ton. There are programs out there that have a lot more options than, say, Audacity for compressing OGG files (I have no idea about what programs these are, but I had an audiophile friend say this, so who am I to argue?).

If worst comes to worst, you can email davidc your goomod and he can upload it.
[his name] at [this domain]

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or, you can split the goomod

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