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Cheater's answer: you can if you hack the .exe but I strongly disapprove of this and it is liable to slow your computer down to a crawl anyway. Instead why not play the sandbox level?
Well there are a lot of easier ways. (HEY I AM NOT A CHEATER) I post these just for fun. NEVER USE THEM TO CHEAT.

Method #1: Modifying Drained goo ball

@dispenser will be useful at this point.

Method #2: Modifying the profile

Add some balls to your profile and it will appear in game too. (there is an easy way to do this with WoGModifier but I will never tell you Tongue)


Can I change my profile name?
Yes you can and it doesn't even take that long

Heres how:
Blah blah blah...

Easier way: Use WoGModifier or World of Goo Profile Renamer.

Can I use the World of Goo cursor on my desktop?
Unfortunately no. The World of Goo in-game cursor is dynamic; the trail that it leaves depends on the current velocity of the mouse. This is simply not possible to reproduce using standard Windows/Mac static cursors.
It has been no longer correct since I published the cursor. Tongue

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Updated the last two.