Earth of Goo: The Gooey Part 2! Update!

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I know everyone on here has been patiently awaiting the release of the full version of this epic total conversion mod.... But I have both good and bad news....

The bad news:

Both me and pyrodroid have been getting increasingly busy. Less time is available to both of us to work on the mod. Therefore, it is currently under suspension. As in paused until progress can be made. Sad

The good news:


I have had many new experiences over the past months and many new challenges. All of these have contributed to many new inspirations for the game! We shall work on it. But don't expect release until I announce it spontaneously and surprise you all!! XD

If you're wondering what's been getting us busy.....

For both of us:

Something large and hard and crazy called: COLLEGE DUAL ENROLLMENT SCHOOL!

For me personally.... Er....: I met a beautiful young lady in my symphony group in Bulgaria.... She is now my girlfriend. How does this happen? Big smile Smile Wink Laughing out loud
You should know.... Tongue But being there as hers has taken lots of my free time.... it's been wonderful, but this is the main slowing of progress to the game as of now.

Remember it will be finished.

I will occasionally check the site, but not as often anymore. I shall reply to anything on this post though. So talk to you all fantastic modders and gamers soon!
XD Laughing out loud Smile

For those wondering, Earth of Goo is still being worked on, but not as often. It will be finished! Check out my website/YouTube !

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Hey Gooballs Of Fire, good to see you again! Take your time man, I totally understand, I haven't had much time to do any goomodding myself. Everybody has lives Wink

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Maybe you'll take over Another Planet's record for longest time in development! Tongue

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.