Starting from zero!

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Hi guys! long time no see!

as for some of you might know that i've got a copy of World of Goo from Mom4evr ( btw thank you so much mom! ) and i really want to start modding again!

but the problem is that i haven't mod like for a year.. i forgot everything about modding!
well, back to the tutorials!

so for now i have one question, how to delete all mods and level that were listed/installed
in gootool? like.. where gootool keep its mods? so i can delete them all manually and not click the uninstall button over and over again for every single mod
(cause i have a bunch of mods installed & so that i can start clean! )

- goo23

All my addin | I love you World of Goo!

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I did? Wow, I'm nicer than I thought. XD

GooTool stores all the mods in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\GooTool\addins . I tried deleting what was there and restarting GooTool, and the addin list is now empty for me. One thing, though, is that the AppData folder is hidden by default, so if you haven't shown hidden files and folders on your computer, see here.

I'd also recommend deleting your custom World of Goo folder or pointing GooTool to a new one, since the old addins you had installed will still have files in there.

Have fun!