add a battery indicator for the mobile versions

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after playing it this game a years ago on my pc, i now found out that WoG was also available for android. I've since played it a lot, though i have had a few surprises during gameplay...

mainly being, my battery running out while playing the game.
Because this game is so much fun, it's easy to lose track of time, or the battery life of your phone. Also this program seems to block/override any "warning less than 14% left" message my phone normally gives.

Having a little battery icon in the corner of the screen (or one appearing when you go below 30%) would be a great addition to make sure you dont run out of juice at the wrong moments.

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Hi there, rvdm88!

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is just a fan site. If you could email , that'd probably be a more direct route for the developers to hear suggestions.

Glad to hear that you enjoy the game that much, though. Smile

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EDIT: (crossposted by MOM4Evr)
That shouldn't do anything about the game.
see your phone options