iPad version: When will it be updated with retina display support?

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I want to gift WOG to a friend who just got the new iPad, but I'm waiting for the update. What's the ETA?

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I'm not sure, but the game should be able to update itself without your needing to purchase it again. Why not buy it now?

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World of Goo HD already has retina support, afaik (Looks good on my iTouch4, anyhoo). What are you asking?

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Retina display on the new iPad. Not your dinky touch. Two very different things. I can't wait for the update. Hope they tell us they're at least working on it

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Hello, Horner2489. I'm assuming you're the same person as iMorganP. We haven't heard anything about an update, but I wouldn't automatically assume there will be one, as both Kyle and Ron are fairly busy chaps. If there is one, though, they'll probably say so on their blog, as they did last time.

Btw, welcome to goofans.