Why Always the same hexagon shapes ,+ 2 more pains

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1. Its annoying the goos always go for the same hexagon shapes, i want to be more creative, why not have more random possibilities.

2. What about makin it easier to lock on to the "new-lightup-lines" when reinforcing the structure, its a pain in the ,,,-work trying to find the spot where a line turns on.

3. What about making a different look when connecting to the moving goo than the goo in the structure, tearing down your structure by mistake, is what happens now!!

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1. The nature of the game causes hexagonal structures to form. There's no way to get any other shapes without changing the game's physics and mechanics, which is essentially the same as making a whole new game. There might be a way to mod this a bit but I don't think so.

2. I think the lightup-lines are as good as they can be. I agree that getting connecting goos in a specific way can be frustrating and difficult at times, but any other method of doing it would probably make the game more annoying in other situations. No method of programming the lock-ons would be perfect so this is probably the best possible.

3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean with this one, could you explain it a bit more?

In any case this is a pretty old game so even if these were significant problems, 2D Boy probably won't make a new patch. They very rarely even visit these forums.

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I think he means that the cursor should look different if it's going to detach than if it's going to grab a free Goo Ball.

GooglieGoo, this last one I think can be fixed, at least with custom Goo Balls. It wouldn't look different, but it would take more force to detach a ball than it currently does. Would that work for you?

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Aha, now that I reread it you're probably right.

I think you can actually change the cursor for detaching and dragging. Not sure about when you hover over the ball, but you can make it look different when you're about to detach a ball.
They already look slightly different, when you're about to detach a ball the arrows point outward instead of inward. A mod could be made to have different colours, or maybe even completely different cursors (like some sort of rotating orbs or something).