Gootool Crash Uncaught exception

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Hello, I recently started playing WoG again and once I finished the game I wanted to download new levels. I attempted to install GooTool but when I try to run it, it says:

Uncaught exception (java.util.NoSuchElementException):

Then nothing happens but it is still in the windows process list.
Please note that I have modded before and that some levels are probably still somewhere.
Please answer quickly!

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It sounds like your profile is corrupt in some way.

The same thing happened to me, and it means that GooTool found another type of data instead of a level name in the level list. (eg, you played a level with a numerical name like 4444, the real name of TfR's Thank You for Smoking)

The only solution, as far as I know, is manually removing the broken levels:
1) Go to the folder with your profile in it. Probably in AppData\Local\2DBoy.
2) Copy pers2.dat and leave the copy there as a backup.
3) Rename pers2.dat to pers2.dat.bin.
4) Decrypt it through Wogfile.exe or another program (NOT Goo Tool).
5) Look through the level list until you find the bad level name. Rename it to BrokenLevel.
6) Encrypt and re-rename the data file.
7) Launch World of Goo. If it crashes, use the backed-up version of the profile and try again.

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