Pauses/hangs on 64-bit Ubuntu

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Just bought World of Goo through the Ubuntu Software Centre on 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04, using a new Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E520. The first time I run it, it starts up but is unusably jerky - it will run smoothly for only a second or so at a time, separated by pauses of a couple of seconds. On exiting World of Goo and starting it up again, it hangs X (with the soundtrack still playing), even after killing the process from a console, and I end up rebooting.

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Wow, that doesn't sound too good. It works fine for me on both my Linux computers. One has a not-terribly-great graphics card, but doesn't have that kind of major issues. I'm assuming your new computer has at least a decent one. Aside from telling you to contacting 2DBoy ( ), I'm not sure I can help any. Sorry. I'm kind of a Linux newbie, myself...