Failed installation on HTC after purchasing on Play Store.

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I've purchased World Of Goo from the Android Play Store but can't install the game as I get this error message
Error while downloading "World Of Goo"
There is insufficient space on the device.

There's over 60MB of internal space available on my HTC Desire. I've read some forum posts that suggest something to do with a maximum APK size on this phone and somehow the installation fails from the Play Store but getting the game directly from works.

Now, I could try that but I don't want to pay for the game again and I hope you can help.

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Well, from my personal knowledge I think it's unfortunately not possible to download from 2DBoy without paying again.

I dunno about the Android version, but the PC version of WoG is well over 60MB. Obviously it's probable that the Android version is smaller, but even just the res folder is 62MB, and I think Android uses the same files (could be mistaken here). So it's possible that you simply don't have enough space.

But anyway, as I said if you're gonna download from 2DBoy, you'll have to pay again. You could go search up more detail, since the Android Play Store might have different conditions than something like Steam or the App Store, but I don't think it's likely.