World'of'goo steam <--buyed before steam

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hello ... i saw today World Of Goo ... STEAM !
but ... i buyed it 5/6 years ago ... it is possible to unocked the STEAM version or something, to have it on steam?

because i love this game and the version on AUTO-EX i have do not take UPDATE ... so if you update the game by steam ... i want to play the newest things you made !


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Pretty sure you can't do this, if you want it on Steam you need to buy it on there separately.

However, if the only reason you want it is for the updating, don't worry. The latest update for World of Goo is the 1.30 patch, and it looks like it will be the last. As far as we can tell there won't be any further updates to World of Goo.

And just so you know, this website doesn't make updates to WoG: it's just unofficial community-made addins that you install with GooTool.

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okay ... :/