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Birthday Theme

Happy Birthday, World of Goo!

  • Most of the Goo Balls got party hats for the occasion!
  • 2D Boy built a new office, which is shooting fireworks!
  • The Fuse Goo Balls didn't like the hats, so they're in charge of throwing confetti everywhere!
  • Confetti is falling in some of the other levels, as well.

All fixed now! It was the text.xml that was the problem.

Metal Balls

Metal Balls is my second Ball Style Addin. It changes the appearance of common, common_albino, Ivy, balloon, GooProducts, water, Fuse, Pokey, Bit and Pilot into Metal Ball Style in the Metal Sandbox. If you're interested in this one, just download it.

inwog's 2nd Ball Style Addin.
Mod made by inwog.

JamesOfGoo's NotWOG2 Project Levels

Back when me, James, and a few other folks were working on the fanmade sequel project, there were a few ideas for storylines, new Goo Balls, and levels floating around. Nobody did anything with them. Well, hardly anybody. While the rest of us threw ideas around and talked stuff over and generally did nothing whatsoever, James here went off and actually did something. James made levels. Lots of them.

Industrial Revolution
Intelligent Islands
The Goo Machine

Toy with the BamGoozle Perpetual Motion Machine in the Goo Filled Hills! Whack a miniature Beauty around to your heart's content in Island 2! Set a bunch of sleeping Goo Balls on fire to explode a mysterious box in Chapter 3! Watch Goo Balls slide on the Slippery Information Superhighway! And fling bouncing Goo Balls around the Giant Telescope Cannon of Doom in Chapter 5!

Damsel in Distress

A rescue mission.

It's pretty hard, but it's quite doable with a little patience and experimentation. Smile

The OCD time is probably unattainable, but feel free to try and inform me of your personal records, and I'll try to set a more sensible one.

Have fun!

The Old Pc Tower

This is the 3rd level from GooGooAction's "WoG: Time for Real" mod - The Old Pc Tower. OCD is higher than in the original version. have fun

version 1.0.1 by thB

The Toy Factory

This was meant to be my level entry for the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. However, I had already preordered the game, and was politely asked not to enter. So here it is! Enjoy!

On an unrelated note, please check out my SoundCloud, MomoSoundWaves, if you like alternative music.

World of Goo Mouse Cursors
Look at all these wonderful cursors!

Now introducing...
The World of Goo Corporation approved* mouse cursors for Windows!
Simply unzip the folder, put it somewhere safe on your hard drive, and go into Control Panel.
From there, find the mouse properties (should be somewhere close by, it's in "Appearance and Personalization->Personalization" in Vista), click on the "Pointers" tab, and start changing your mouse cursors to the appropriate ones from the package (use their names as a guide). When you are done, click "Apply" and Poof! Your mouse cursors are instantly World of Goo Corporation approved! Smile

Going Up v2

The "Going Up" level using gold balls from the "Sandbox" level with inverted color.
These balls stretch farther than normal balls. Yes I know this sucks.
Update: v0.2 now with sleeping goo, water goo, a different background, and a slightly higher pipe.
Update: v0.3 now with a balloon and a pointless extra platform at the left. The OCD is now 22 and required balls is 15.