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8 Ball
Starting the level

8 Ball in World Of Goo is here. Can you pocket all 15 balls while saving the 8 ball for last. Try to do it in as little moves as possible. Let me know what your high score is. (Or maybe I should call it low score since you want less moves.)

This level was made in about a day and a half. You can play with 2 people and take turns. The level will end in a game over this way and it won't be completed but you can still do 2 players.

Music: Disco Shmisco By Kenneth Young

Note: Widescreen is recommended for this level

Flight of the Gooballs
The start of the level, you'll have to see the rest for yourself ;)

This level (I think) is the first auto scroller level World of Goo has seen. In this level you must fly while avoiding obstacles in your path. I had the idea of this level for a while and started on it and left it sitting for quite a while. I decided to kill some time by finishing it. Feel free to take a look at how this level works. I'd love to see more auto scrollers because they are lots of fun to play.

The OCD is 3 moves. There are no additional gooballs to collect but don't lose any.

Music I used: Cloud Arcanine - Pokemon Black & White Legends

Three-way bridge

My discord server:

The second version of this add-on differs from the first in that the anchors in the second are friendly. The second version is in the archive

World of Goo Console Enabler
The main screen of World of Goo Console Enabler

World of Goo Console Enabler

World of Goo Console Enabler is a utility which allows you to easily enable console output in World of Goo without any complicated hex editing. Console output is very useful in debugging your levels and mods and it can help you find errors.


This utility requires Java 64 bit 1.8.0 or higher to run. It can be downloaded here.

Ish Blaster
Screenshot of the level

Break values and custom fonts are very underused, so I decided to use both.

Break Values: Most people think that break values are boolean. For example, if the value isn't set, the block won't break. If you set the value to something like 1, then it will break. However, the break value is a threshold that specifies the detonateforce needed in order to destroy the object. If you set the break value high enough, then certain explosives won't be able to destroy it, which is what I've done in this level.

Red skull

I spent 3 hours on this level because of the physics of this game...
Я потратил на этот уровень 3 часа из-за физики этой игры...

Cave Fruits

Music: Halo 3 OST - Sierra 117

Throwable Bomb

Brand New Bomb type, that you can grab and throw! :-y

 How to use Trowable Bomb:
1. Throw a bomb at the wall and make sure there is fire in front of the wall
2. Enjoy the result.


Slime Gooball!

 What's that? 
It's sticky version of water gooball, 
but it also dies when touching fire, so be careful.

Platforming bomb

made a level after a long while

Goal: 3 balls