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Metal Balls

Metal Balls is my second Ball Style Addin. It changes the appearance of common, common_albino, Ivy, balloon, GooProducts, water, Fuse, Pokey, Bit and Pilot into Metal Ball Style in the Metal Sandbox. If you're interested in this one, just download it.

inwog's 2nd Ball Style Addin.
Mod made by inwog.

The Toy Factory

This was meant to be my level entry for the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. However, I had already preordered the game, and was politely asked not to enter. So here it is! Enjoy!

On an unrelated note, please check out my SoundCloud, MomoSoundWaves, if you like alternative music.

The Old Pc Tower

This is the 3rd level from GooGooAction's "WoG: Time for Real" mod - The Old Pc Tower. OCD is higher than in the original version. have fun

version 1.0.1 by thB

Birthday Theme

Happy Birthday, World of Goo!

  • Most of the Goo Balls got party hats for the occasion!
  • 2D Boy built a new office, which is shooting fireworks!
  • The Fuse Goo Balls didn't like the hats, so they're in charge of throwing confetti everywhere!
  • Confetti is falling in some of the other levels, as well.

All fixed now! It was the text.xml that was the problem.

Creative Rescue

The Rescue of the Goo - a level mod for World Of Goo
English-only, translations welcome!

  • Level design: Nuno Rocha (xsonicx)
  • Graphics: Nuno Rocha
  • Music: Nuno Rocha

Thanks to all people, that play my levels.Visit

Space Battle
Space Battle

Fire The Cannons!

Goal: 3 balls
OCD: 75 seconds

by Albertt
background by MattOg

World of Goo Module Manager [GooTool for Android (G4A)]
GooTool for Android logo.

World of Goo Module Manager

World of Goo Module Manager [aka GooTool for Android(G4A)] is a utility based on GooTool that you can use to install mods on the Android version of World of Goo.

How To Use

Simple, install G4A and open it.

Click the "Add" button and select an goomod file to add.

Check the mod's checkbox.Don't forget click the "Order Change" button.

Then click the "Save" button and wait.

After waiting for the progress bar,click the "Install" button to install the modded game.

Help me to develop this app

World of Goo Modifier
WoGModifier Main Icon

World of Goo Modifier (aka WoGModifier) is a utility that helps you goomod more easier and faster.


You need to install .NET Framework 4.5.1 (or this link) before using this program, just like you must install JRE before using GooTool.
Although it's a preview version but it has all functions it ever had! And more functions!
Welcome to try and give me some suggestions! And please rate after trying. Tongue


World Of Goo: The Anomaly Lands
Map World View


This mod was made by SerafimGWS and Monochrome_95, compiled by Toxic Goo


Astronauts from the future landed on a new planet and they did the job
to clean the entire planet from anomalies resulting from toxins that have accumulated in a long time.


3 Chapters are done.


- Chapter 1 has been updated, we have added OCD flags to the map.
- We made Chapter 2, and you can download it right now.
- In Chapter 2 you can play in 10 levels.
- Added a cutscene to Chapter 1.

My New Chapter

My first Chapter!Laughing out loud (in Chapter 2 Big smile )

If you find an error or something else, write it in the comments.Glasses

Please rate!