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Big Vine

this is a level i created because i was board and still lonely so i made this one inspired by one of Kyle Gablers lost games

Big wind Days

You should pay attention to the windmill.
P.S. windmills are detaching.


This addin updates the World of Goo Corporation billboards with the results of the billboard contest.

Users of GooTool 0.10.4 (and above) do not need to download this as they are automatically updated with the results (unless they unchecked this option on the Options tab).


This is my first mod that changes the appearance of a ball (actually lots), and probably the last one, because I got bored! Tongue
NOTE: I only edited the body images because I don't know how to use PhotoShop or GIMP properly, so I'm sorry if some of these changes look awful. I got these images from somewhere else. Is Paint.NET a good software for someone like me? (lol)

What are the new balls?

#1 balls are Common.
#2 balls are Albino.
#3 balls are common black, and Distant.
#4 balls are Pixel, SimCommon and DrainedIsh.
#5 balls are Pilots.
#6 balls are Ivies.

Billiards Corporation
so colorful!!

I'm back with a new mod which is like my other Billiards mod, but this time it changes the World of Goo Corporation balls into a random billiard ball! Really visual-appealing, isn't it?

Please note that this does not affect the balls in the Virtual Corporation.
Also, you can use this with my other Billiards mod, but make sure that mod is below this one in the mods list of GooTool (unless you have version 1.5).

Bird Of PREY
Bird of prey!

"Bird Of PREY" is my fifth single level. It is about an issue on the level "Weather Vane." It is pretty much like that level although, It doesn't have blades.

"Digital Jail"|"Bird Of PREY"|"Icing Up"
Birthday by Electric Fragle(Author only)

Don't get me wrong, it's actually my birthday。It's a special occasion. You can't miss it?I created this level.Have fun!
Warning:It's a large and long maze,you should spend more time to play.How fast can you do it?

Birthday Nostalgia
Fly Away Little ones, before we had big tongues

For World of Goo's birthday today, what could be better than a pack of levels giving us nostalgia about how the game used to be, and celebrating how far it's come? Happy Birthday, World of Goo! This is my super-secret birthday project I've been working on for the past 20 minutes. Basically, it's the old levels revised. I block-copied most of the info from the original XML files (It's surprising how little of the XML file format changed over the course of development), so these levels are as close to the originals as you can get! A few of them I made changes to, for various reasons.

Birthday Theme

Happy Birthday, World of Goo!

  • Most of the Goo Balls got party hats for the occasion!
  • 2D Boy built a new office, which is shooting fireworks!
  • The Fuse Goo Balls didn't like the hats, so they're in charge of throwing confetti everywhere!
  • Confetti is falling in some of the other levels, as well.

All fixed now! It was the text.xml that was the problem.

Bit Jumper: Starting the Beginning [Prologue]
Bit Jumper Prologue

"Get used to jumping"

The prologue to the series Bit Jumper.

Level: Prologue

Friendliness: Moderately hard

Difficulty: [====------]

OCD: Finish in less than 7 or fewer moves

Secret: A hidden blue gem in the level

"Level is beatable with OCD"
Music by H - Cake