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Fly Away Little ones, before we had big tonguesAuthors: MOM4Evr, kyle, ron
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For World of Goo's birthday today, what could be better than a pack of levels giving us nostalgia about how the game used to be, and celebrating how far it's come? Happy Birthday, World of Goo! This is my super-secret birthday project I've been working on for the past 20 minutes. Basically, it's the old levels revised. I block-copied most of the info from the original XML files (It's surprising how little of the XML file format changed over the course of development), so these levels are as close to the originals as you can get! A few of them I made changes to, for various reasons.

Of course, I'm using the new Goo Balls here, so the levels are pretty simple. They're really cool, though. It's neat, at least for me, to see how much easier the new Goo Balls are in the old levels. If you've played the old levels much, you'll know just how much easier. Wink

And if you haven't played the original levels, you can do so here: Unfortunately, because of crash errors, it isn't possible to play all of them easily, but you can hack your comp's registry or do what I did and rename levels so you can play them all.

So without further ado, here's the list of all 22 levels in this megapack:

* Free T-Shirts
* Giant Crying Robot
* Juicer
* Jaw Bridge
* Hungry Hungry Hills
* A Taste Of Goo
* Big Ravine
* Cog in the Machine
* Demolition
* Drill Bit
* Drill Bit 2
* Economic Divide
* Fly Away Little Ones (the old version, of course!)
* Forbidden Fruit
* Objects In Space (Yep! Kyle and Ron made the first level without gravity!)
* Junk In The Trunk (My take on it, before Pavke made his)
* Liftoff
* Mission: Mildly Plausible
* Roll Roll Roll
* Straight Up
* The Jungle (With new artwork)
* ZeArena

These are the same as the levels I uploaded in part of the NotWOG2 pack in the forum, only all patched together into one goomod and with a few bug fixes and tweaks.

Enjoy! And Happy Birthday, World of Goo! Party

There are 4 screenshots.

Fly Away Little ones, before we had big tongues
Juicer, a level that was lost to history
The Jungle got a facelift
Junk in the Trunk, a well-developed level that I'm surprised didn't stay
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