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2D Boy KILLER Logo!

My first ever addin for WoG


Version 0.00
Version 0.01 changes:
-killer background transparent

2 way finish

my first level... can you find the shortcut? ocd=100

11/30/15 Demo!

11/30/15 Demo! is my first demo pack containing 4 demo levels that will appear on my upcoming debut chapter. It was created on 11/30/15 around 1:00 am to 7:00 am, making it the reference to the title of the demo pack. It was like a revenge on .SlipKnoT.22 'cause he refused to teach me how to make a chapter. Now, I am independent.

Level listing:
1. Blackened (Demo)
2. Hangin' Rough (Demo)
3. 10 (Demo)
4. Untitled (Demo)


0001x8 is a single level from The Red Parallel Universe.
I'd like to make sure that i would create new material every once in a while.

This isn't like any other level i produce. This one is very different. It has its own music called "Leprosies".

.5: The Gear Chapter

.5: The Gear Chapter is my fifth chapter and the last chapter to feature gg alive. This is my first chapter based on destroying geometry. The chapter took influences from goomatz “two-strokeengine” and MOM4Evr’s “Gravity Hole” and many more. Gg and I made this chapter to a successful one, hitting 40 downloads on its first day, despite the fact that it is the chapter with the most bugs. This chapter was supported by 3 single levels, “Geargiarsenal”, “Weight Regulation” and “Rotary Club”.

"Glowing Storm" (Challenging level)

Hello! i'm once again here uploading levels, for this one, i tried to make a really hard level, and i did it! (atleast i think so), this is a thwacking level, but since i suck at that there is one antigrav gooball

quick explanation of the 5 new gooballs in this level

1. "Energy Light": this gooball is just a blue light, but it is an antigrav goo, so this can really help you to beat this level
2. "Fuse Purple": just a fuse recolor mostly for aesthetics, but their strands burn really fast

" Wingless "

" Wingless "
level a

"One little goo ball had a nice dream
floating, up high, in an endless sea,
as the goo ball soared through the clouds in the sky,
he said to himself, 'I wish I could fly'.
The little goo ball woke up on a hill,
up above, it seems, was a big flying mill.
The only way up was to climb a long pole,
this little goo ball will do more than just roll,
for now his dream may finally come true,
a wingless little ball of delicious green goo."
-Anonymous Adventurer

Oh and enjoy! Do something special for that little green goo!

Mysterious place

New ISH level with new gooballs - ZBomb Throowble and Pokey Black