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Light balls
Light balls in World Of Goo Corp.

My first World Of Goo Corporation balls mod Smile Graphics I made in GIMP. This is easy! Smile

Light Bulb Time Bugs

This changes time bugs into light bulbs.

Lightning Effect Sample

This is the same effect as the one in my recent level Stormy Day. Use this sample in your levels if you want.


Step 1: Download this addin

Step 2: Go into your level and import white32

Step 3: Change its animation to StormFlash

Step 4: Scale the image to cover your whole level, change the depth to 30 and move below your level.

Step 5: When you export into a goomod open the goomod with WinRAR or 7zip and in override/res make a folder called anim and drag and drop both storm flash files in your anim folder.

That is it. Let me know what you think

Line the beauty
Start game...Well here has a stranded beauty?

Through the gears and get the pipe!
OCD69s is difficult! I got it Wink .

Literal to Digital

"Literal to Digital" is my second level. The level was released simultaneously with Hiking Adventure. Not appearing on the debut chapter Winter Wonderland, the level became the first single level released with no chapter. The level is 100 downloads more than "Hiking Adventure", resulting into a more successful level. Literal to Digital is also known for its unique bug.


Little Goo Long Adventure
Level 88

It's been such a looooooooong time since my last level!
And I finally make this level pack out!
(It should be a chapter, but I have no time to finish the videos and the chapter map, sorry...)

This pack tells an adventure about the goo ball which dropped from the telescope.
You will face some familiar and some unfamiliar levels( also a level that can make everyone crazy:) )
Can you help it?

Hop you like these 9 levels!

Little Inferno Level Creation Contest
It's Little Inferno Just For Me!

These are all four entries from the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. The contest is over now, but feel free to play the levels below!

The level-by-level breakdown, as well as the winner, can be found here.

Little Path

Many people find this level difficult but that's not true! Check the video if you really don't see how to do.

I wonder if some people managed to finish the level without OCD..

There are english and french version!

The picture was made by my friend : Ghyorn.

The level was fixed by thB : thanks!

- Fix: no crash when clicking on continue
- Fix: music uses <music> instead of <loopsound> (allows for volume control)
- Fix: music is now mono and should work for everyone
- Fix: aligned positions of level exit and pipe


I lost the original account, tragedy,This level is easy to OCD

Loadizing Mod
freaking out....

This mod adds NEW custom funny loading text! Laughing out loud

new version 0.9.2 August 31, 2009
It now works in Italian

new version 0.9.4 is out now! February 27, 2010
updated to 1.1 goomod format

new version 0.9.8 is out now! September 24, 2010