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Scribble Goo
scribble goo in action  :)

It adds a Scribble look to Common Goos

Sea of Pain
Build Underway

This level is based on tower of goo 2.0 but instead of going up you must go right. I have edited it to have very deep water and underwater currents.

Trust me, it is harder than it looks (I have only just maneged to complete it)

I recommend you do not try for the OCD.


There are two seesaws.
Try to use the leverage.

Cursor coulor is blue.
OCD =21sec.

Separation and ejection
Levels screenshots

This levels have difficulty, you need to be patient.

Server Bytes Back
The Hypnotic Head

A re-work of 'The Server Farm' level, with the help and ideas of the mad scientist.

Shifting machine

Couldn't wait until I will can put this level in so here it is - my 15th level "Shifting machine"! New or old skill to learn. As I saw in any different level haven't been method like this! Actually this is one of my favorite levels! OCDed with 5 moves. Don't really think that less is possible. Well if only 4 moves... Real OCD is 11 moves. Have a fun!

Title Screen

A test level I made, I'll probably make more interesting/fun/challenging ones later. In ShotGun you launch those green goos from information superhighway into a launcher that fires them to the pipe on the other side of the level. I may add spikes to force you to use the launcher Laughing out loud

Sick Ivy
Sick Ivy 1

This level is the first level to use this new type of goo I made! The level is fun but it is a test level for this type of goo ball. I have finished the goo ball but I would like your input on the type of level I use it in next. Smile

Simpsons Donuts on Goo Corporation

Simpsons Donuts on Goo Corporation

The Homer Simpson sweet dream paradise level...

Build your tower before your donuts reserve is empty.

Skill of confusition

This is my first skill level. Tricky, isn't it? I've been trying this level couple of times to finish it. And only sometimes I got to the finish. The deal is this... To finish this level you definitely have to put albinos on the strands but in that way to wiki balls would be around them so at the finish you could get almost all goos in by leaving only one wiki. Quite hard, isn't it? This level will learn you one skill in witch way you will be able to get some OCDs in other levels! Have a fun... And don't forget to rate and comment the level!