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Pink Planet
The PNG file picture of the planet...

You have landed on a mysterious pink planet with bad graphics. 3 moons (Not all needed) A Common_Pink (My latest goo similar to Common_black)structure base a black hole and a line of fire.

Pipe Colors
Red Pipe in Blustery Day

Pipe colors is my first theme addin. You can pick your favorite color in this addin, or request me more colors if you don't want the others.

Do not mix two colors at once, the came will crash.

Theme addin made by inwog

Pipe Problem

SURPRISE! Goosweek's Goomods Factory is back! Big smile
26th February 2012 I realized, that it's my 50th level at GooFans!!

This level looks... a bit different than other my levels. And looks easy, but hides really strange feature! I think it's not easy to OCD it (9 moves).

I'm really interested how much balls can you collect.

PS. My first idea was to call it "Pipe Almighty", and this is the folder name.
Pipe Shooter

Fisty is back!

Try using Fisty, to spit goo-balls directly into the pipe.
Looks funny. Smile

Tip: Ugly product can stuck under Fisty. You can try to push them with air-goo.


A unique level I thought up a while back. Was initially created for the first LCC2, which didn't end up happening.
When making the OCD for this I was surprised by how many moves it took.
By the way, there's a ton of geometry that I had to position carefully, so even though it looks simple it wasn't easy. Take a look at it in WooGLE to see what I mean.

v1.1: Simply changed the description, due to the LCC I entered it for not happening.

Moving jaw

This is a demonstration on how to create sinusoidal linear motion, using a piston to transfer rotational into linear motion.

This is a playable level, but to see how it works, edit the level and turn visualdebug on, and adjust the minx to -1000 and maxx to 1000. Then scroll left to see the piston.

Pixel Corner

by GooGun

Name: Pixel Getaway
Don't get bit-ten!
Description: This is the first level. In it, you need to make skillful use of the Bone, Pokey (which can sleep with its eyes open ) and Ivy goo.

Pixel Prison

by GooGun

Name:Beauty Calamity
The gray isn't enough!
Description: Beauty manipulation included! This is the first custom level with a Beauty goo published as far as I know.

pixel savers

build diangonly to get the pixels because only they fit in the pipe mah first level! ^_^

Pixel Trouble
A Screenshot (so you know what the level looks like)

OH NO!! The Sign Painter's TV is broken and you need to get some pixels for him. You had better watch out because those gears are deadly. However, the sign painter is a couch potato so he cant help you. But you had better get those pixels since he is grumpy today and since he was just recently promoted to BOSS (or CEO or KING) of World of Goo Corp. he just might fire you if you dont help him (although he doesnt say it its true). OCD is 85 gooballs (TESTED OCD is possible) when you are given 100 to start out with. Note: There are NO secrets in this level so dont bother trying.