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LvyangThu, 08/13/2009 - 08:0728.43m1,0712 days 16 hours
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World of Goo Chinesization


World of Goo Chinese translated version. The original patch was the one from @laobubu.
Since the GooTool hasn't supported Chinese yet, you probably need this patch to enable Chinese.
Compared to @laobubu's patch, you can uninstall this one more easily and some unnecessary files have been removed.

Bug School #3

The Question...

This time the sign painter isn't helping you!

This bug was found by me accidentally when I was trying to do something else. OCD is 9 Seconds but I have finished it in 5 seconds.

Important notice!: If you find the bug don't tell ANYBODY!

Edit: Due to the fact that the bug didn't always work it has now been replaced with a feature...

BUG School #2

A flower bug, not easy to learn.


ver1.1 - OCD is 5 balls now

BUG School #1

A level created by laobubu.

Auto Apply Chinese

in game

Exclamation Mark WARNING Exclamation Mark
1:Do NOT try if you don't have Chinese translation(download?)!
2:this addin will change some things e.g. your display resolution (sorry...).


I found out that GooTool always changes language to English or French etc. If game players want to play game with Chinese translation, they have to edit CONFIG.TXT after save addins. This addin can edit CONFIG.TXT automatically. You don't need to edit CONFIG.TXT anymore!

Economic Divide2

It's taller than Small Divide.
This goomod unit produces by
laobubu's goomod Maker.


Drool2 is a synthetic level. You can see some things from old levels, but the goo balls are sleeping. You have to wake them up, but it's not easy. Try to do it Smile !

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