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MygodWed, 07/06/2011 - 04:1720.98m1,2181 day 14 hours
MygodThu, 05/02/2013 - 08:2741.32m1,3705 days 6 hours
Addins by Mygod

Fire and Earthquakes

Burning Fuses Rain!

Fire! Earthquakes! Burning fuses rain!
This level is my fifth level on goofans. It was made long time ago and I improved it and published it here.
Goal: 999 balls Tongue
OCD: 100 balls
Not hard. Have fun! Smile

P.S. Fuses has burn time. A whistler will help.

This level shows you A NEW LEVEL ENDING WAY and how to create EARTHQUAKES!!! Feel free to use it!

0.3 Updated

Add a new level ending way and move this stuff to sample category!

Island 1 Infinite

Infinite Screenshot

Now you can load infinite new levels! Smile
I learned XSL for a long time but didn't fix the problem until I find this! Thanks DavidC for this tool!
Also thanks Daft as Brush for his Island 1 Enlarger!

P.S. If you want your chapter add-in in island1 works well with this add-in, use merging and do not remove the SceneLayer whose name=bg.

Risky's High Spiky Cliff


My fourth level. Also another level for my future chapter in plan.
* Improved the sound of my new goo Firefly. (someone said it doesn't look like)

This level is a new level of Fisty! Fisty in midnight!

Goal: 8 balls
OCD: 26 balls (the most balls I can get when debugging)

Under the Tree

Screenshot (0.4)

My third level. It happened in a dark quiet night. This might be the first level of my first chapter.
My new goo = Blue Pilot + Albino Pokey's Glowing Goo + long detaching strand in laobubu's BUG School #3 + the ability to draw in the sky. Laughing out loud
Goal: 4 balls
OCD: 16 balls (must will be more)
To get the OCD, you must try some non normal ways.
This contains 1 level, 2 new goos, 3 new effects and 6 new images.

World of Goo Console Debugger


This is a program which can get the console output of World of Goo.
But there's some delay because I use the file stream. I try to redirect the output stream to my program but it doesn't work. Sad Waiting for someone to fix this.

You need to install .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to run V1.0.0.0 which has a GUI, get it here.
You can run 2.0 without .NET.

BUG School #4


Continue making laobubu's BUG School. (7th level of mine)
This is an easy level if you know the trick. (balloon bug)
Goal: 16 balls
OCD: 40 balls
Enjoy it. Smile

P.S. I like this bug very much because it's mighty and amazing!

Water lock2

He seemed much simpler than the surface, most 93Balls, 0moves at least 180 seconds, the fastest.

Goo around the World


My second level.
This level = Map World View + Graphic Processing Unit + something mine.
Enjoy it. Smile

P.S. How many balls can you collect?

World of Goo Profile Renamer

World of Goo Profile Renamer Screenshot

A small program I made. Just for the newbies.

Before you use this program, you must install:
· .Net Framework 4 Client Profile
· World of Goo (and played) (or you have the profile file)

V1.0.2.8 Updated: Merged two language packs; Changed encrypt encoding; Improved encrypt algorithm; Changed application icon; Make window resizable; Made the program smaller.
V1.0.1.2 Updated: Fixed two bugs.

P.S. Remember to make a backup of your profile. And if you find a bug, tell me about that please.

You Have to Explode the Cage


Version 1.2 reduces the number of 0CD ball, too much is not normal.


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