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My GomSun, 03/31/2013 - 04:1139.29m1,1173 days 3 hours
My GomMon, 10/20/2014 - 09:363.39m1,2394 days 17 min
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My Gom's Challenge Levels I: Play On A Swing

My series challenge level.
The first part: on the swings.
You need to swing.
Goal: 1 ball
OCD: 45 seconds.

Used Common_Albino instead of Ivy.


P2: Block of Architecture
P3: Virus Tower
P4: The One Ball

Fugitive Flying

Er, one of my favorite levels.
It's a little difficult but not hard.
You have to be careful!Exclamation Mark
You have 9 balls.
My best result is 4 balls.
Collect: 1 ball.
OCD: 3 balls.

Back To Underground

Sequel of Trapped in the Underground.

You want to go back to underground.
Er, a little difficulty.
Collect: 5 Balls
OCD: 35 Balls.Smile

Off The Ground

Off the Ground1

My new level: Off the ground!Smile
How are you going to finish this level?
You need balloon!
Collect: 3 balls
OCD: 10 balls

Big wind Days

You should pay attention to the windmill.
P.S. windmills are detaching.

Mysterious Space

Enclosed space the sequel.
When I feel in test Enclosed space is not so perfect, so I will change again.
No OCD, four aspects the rebound.
My best score is 79 moves, you?

Enclosed space

Break Out + GooPeg Template combination.
In my estimation, the difficulty should only four-star, how many players will beat this level?
P.S. opened first pipe!

Other the head

Like You Have To Explode The Head?
Yes, it is like. There are some guy is even think that You Have To Explode The Head end in figure, I whether they. It is not difficult to 3 moves.Laughing out loud
Goal: 15 Balls
OCD: 10 moves.
P.S.Whether can let the ball stop the fire?

Trapped In The Underground

Goo were trapped in the underground, you should help them.
Collection of 5 ball
OCD: 27 ball.

Curtain of night under terror

Goo's night ( in the wild), they are trapped in a dangerous area, how should you do?
Collection: 15 ball
OCD: 35 ball.Laughing out loud


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