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World of Goo

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DaB - TowerFri, 03/11/2011 - 11:5148.84m9492 days 9 hours
Daft as BrushTue, 02/23/2010 - 08:5033.15m1,3363 weeks 6 days
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World of Goo Level Editor

v0.73 - Goos look like goos!

"World of Goo Level Editor (aka WooGLE) is a level editor for the great puzzle game World of Goo. With WooGLE you can create new levels or tweak existing ones. It also integrates with World of Goo, allowing you to test the level you are editing by a simple button click."
Picking up where (nitro)zark(92) left off...
Aiming to improve on his fine work, and rewrite bits that aren't quite so fine.

Intro, FAQ, Info and Reference Pages, Guides... and NOW a tutorial....

Face Lift

Thought I'd start making levels rather than just beating them!

Beauty needs lift... can you help her?

I've set OCD at 69 moves.

v1.2 - I've taken out a few goos, and built holding structures on either side for the remainder. Should make things less frustrating!


I designed this level to exploit / demonstrate an aspect of the physics which hasn't been used in any of the levels I've seen.
If you can figure out what, then you'll find there's an easy and elegant solution which will also get you OCD if you are careful.

Oh and when I say "easy"...


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