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Goo Barbeque

This is an old level I made using a custom ball. One last testament to the world of goo community. May be a little laggy on some computers

OCD: 59 moves

Music: The Data is Wranglin' Itself (7 Billion Humans soundtrack)

Concrete Jungle

This is my third level I made. It took me a while to upload another level but I will try to make them more frequently.

OCD: 55 seconds

Route 999


This is my second level!

In this level, you must make it to the end of the road in about one minute. The asset for the car is the celebration bus from little inferno.

OCD:23 balls

Hope you enjoy! Smile

End of Conformity

This is my first level that I uploaded. Hope that you enjoy! Smile

I made a second version of the level and the new OCD is 52 moves


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