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JamesSat, 04/24/2010 - 13:5435.02m1,1861 week 3 days
JamesTue, 10/19/2010 - 15:1635.68m1,2781 week 1 day
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This is my third level... so what do you think? Wink

Another silhouette level (well not entirely, but easy to make.), so have fun building a tower, collecting gooballs, and then hitting the pipe.

(and yes the description here is different then that of the addin.)


Actually, any

Mr. Sign did too much color taking! You have to fix the colors! (Story based on that of "Black Gray White balls.)



This level was finally redone after a while of Re-working and .xmling but I finally have this level to Publish!

Version Log:

V.0.1: Initial release. (non-published due to Errors.)

V.0.2: Published Release on Goofans.com.

Errors were fixed in this version.

Music by my friend Anthony


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