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Industrial sabotage

Oh no its gonna blowwwww!!!!!

Furistic stained glass mod 5 V2.0

Kinda like a lime and lemon mated...

Furistic stained glass mod 4 V2.0

I figured some girls play too...

Furistic stained glass mod 3 V2.0

Look closely at them...don't they seem so calming.

Furistic stained glass mod 2 V2.0

There were no more requested colors but I took the liberty of asuming you wanted more variety.

Dragon embyo

Aww a dragon fetus.

Centurion rage

So much much fury.
I fixed the outlines on every mod after this so they arent mis-shaped.
The art now has better quality.
I added more shading and made them slighlty more shiney.
My uploads from now on are V2.0's... im learling slowly... lol

Wood mod

Little wooden jerks.

Weird checkerd mod

Im sorry... im still an art noob but ill get better overtime.

Transparent sphere mod

Kinda hard to see against the spring, but that was the point...This is also from a secret place lol.


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