1st: $150 in GameStop gift cards
2nd: $100 in GameStop gift cards
3rd: $50 in GameStop gift cards

Edit: The contest is now concluded and the results are posted over here.

Later this week, GameGround is launching their public beta to the world, but they're inviting GooFans over now for exclusive early access. In addition, they're running a special contest just for members of this site!

GameGround is a lightweight personalized gaming app that enhances your games and connects players of all types. It learns not only what you're playing, but also what you're achieving on your PC, Xbox and any website. This enables new missions, rewards, high score incentives and ways to share success to prove you’re the best amongst your friends.

For World of Goo, they've created a new layer of missions and statistics. Their technology will help you keep track of your fastest level completions, highest towers and other cool metrics!

We're going to be giving away $300 in GameStop gift cards to the top Goo players.

The Official GameGooGround Beta Program

Starting this Monday (November 15, 2010), compete against other GooFans for your chance to win.

GameGround HowTo

In order to qualify:

  1. Sign up to (if you haven't already).
  2. Come back here to GooFans, edit your profile, go to the GameGround tab, and enter your GameGround username (see image to the right).
  3. Complete ALL the World of Goo missions.
  4. Play other games on GameGround, earn power and level up.


The players with the most overall power who have completed all of the World of Goo Missions by 12:00 PM noon EST on Monday, November 22nd will be the GameGooGround champions.

First place: $150 in GameStop gift cards
Second place: $100 in GameStop gift cards
Third place: $50 in GameStop gift cards

Some missions are very hard and may not be achievable during the week. In the event that not all missions are completed, the player with the most missions completed will win. In the event of a tie, the highest overall GameGround XP will win.

In addition we'll also add a special gadget to your GameGround profile to show that you are, in fact, the World of Goo champions.

GameGooGround participant

If that wasn't enough, all entrants will also receive a special blue GameGooGround badge right here on GooFans, and the three winners will get a gold one.

That's it!


On Monday, November 22nd, we're going to tally up everyone who's completed all the Goo missions and then rank them according to their overall power. Throughout the week we'll post some helpful tips about easy ways to earn power and level up.

GameGround is still in beta, so if you encounter any problems please give them a shout. They'd love to hear your questions, suggestions, comments, and feedback here. For the moment, GameGround only support Windows.

Join us on GameGround!

Good Gaming!


Promoter: GameGround, Inc. Void where prohibited.