labels can be used to add text to your level. In the original levels they were only used in Alice and Bob and MOM.

labels have a position atrribute called center, which is slightly misleading since it is not always the centre of the text. The final positioning of the text is also affected by the align attribute.

In the image the tip of the arrow is at the center coordinates.

labels have a rotation and a scale factor which can enlarge or reduce the text.

They also have a depth which operates in the normal way, but this can be overriden using the overlay attribute. If overlay is set to true, the text will be display on top of (in front of) everything else, regardless of the depth setting of the label, or the depths of the other elements in the scene.


The actual text for the label is held in a [Text Resource], so that it can be multi-lingual. The id of the text resource is selected using the text attribute of the label.


There are a number of fonts you can choose from, however not all the fonts can display the full character set.