Ball Style (Other) Addins

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Hello World Goo Balls
Click Me!

Testing the creation of a new goomod. Changes the graphics of the common gooball with the inclusion of "shaking" hands spring_goo graphics..

bear balls


Internet Balls
bit 1.0

This mod changes bit into the internet explorer icon,changes pilot into the fire fox icon and changes pixel into the google chrome icon. this is the 2nd version of my last goomod. which is alot better then the last version.

Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution Thumb

This mod gives your goo balls a Industrial look.

It was first made publicly available at the 0.6 beta

All gooballs edited

The Legal BETaco
Very taco-y

This is a fixed version of Tacomann12's BETATaco mod, a replacement for the common balls, which got taken off this site. Tacomann12 did most of the work, I just tweaked it a bit. The tacos now have 2 strands and cannot be detatched.
It is also in goomod 1.1 format.

Great work, Tacomann12! I love it! Smile

WooGLE - Fish Ball Fix

This addin is a companion for the World of Goo Level Editor (WooGLE)

It fixes the resource name errors in the original Fish ball.

This addin is ONLY required if you want to use the Fish ball in a custom level with WooGLE 0.74 or higher

This addin makes no functional,graphical or gameplay changes to the Fish ball!

Ghost Balls
Goo Souls in action!

Goo scientists found it more fun to build structures with Goo Ball souls. So, they have made... the SOUL-RELEASING POTION! This potion, when gave to your common goo balls, releases their souls, and enables them to be built with!

Anyways, in reality...
This mod changes common goo balls to look like ghosts, with transparent, blue bodies / strands, and blank, soulless eyes... which is ironic, because they are souls!

Bone Fracture

A simple addin. Gives bone a cracked look. Special thanks to Pavke for putting up with my incessant questions.

EDIT: Cracks now look a LOT cleaner.


This is my first mod that changes the appearance of a ball (actually lots), and probably the last one, because I got bored! Tongue
NOTE: I only edited the body images because I don't know how to use PhotoShop or GIMP properly, so I'm sorry if some of these changes look awful. I got these images from somewhere else. Is Paint.NET a good software for someone like me? (lol)

What are the new balls?

#1 balls are Common.
#2 balls are Albino.
#3 balls are common black, and Distant.
#4 balls are Pixel, SimCommon and DrainedIsh.
#5 balls are Pilots.
#6 balls are Ivies.

King Beauty Balls
King Goo Balls & the pipe

This addin changes "Beauty Product" into King Goo Balls!
But the big "Beauty" looks like gigant version of "Common"...

Red pipe becomes yellow...

My original inspiration for creating Goos in crowns was a term Lord of Goo.