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It's one of my biggest and the hardest addins creations of all before Bubble Quest arrives. It was released in Mother's Day 2012. It was officially published worldwide in June 3, 2012. Also the first addin in my 3rd Generation. A lot of levels have a concept from other levels from both Goofans and World of Goo.

How many levels?

Although in my mind, I just want to create 25, but now I set into 50 to make WOG players enjoyable with this addin. 42 Normal levels, which you need to collide red to the blue so they form into purple.


2012 Version

The 2012 Version for MCW is using Microsoft's Autoshapes just like the ones in The Goo Worlds and Dynamic Destroyers, even the succeeded addin, Geometry Hyperspace. Versions 1.0 through 1.2 carries on this kind of artwork.

2013 Version

This version comes with plenty of redesigning of the levels. Even the new Starting and Finishing Blocks. Versions 1.3 and up carries on this kind of artwork.

Mystify Collision World also features 7 crystal levels, these levels features a crystal at the top-most area of the level, which is your aim, and the blue line is your target. When you touch the crystal to the blue line, it starts to ignite and releases all of the balls and their power. Sincerely these levels gets harder soon if you go too far. Whenever you burn a crystal these are the balls you gain:

1. Blue Balls (Lunar) - Long stranded Balls, it has 4 strands.
2. Yellow Balls (Scarab) - Can stick to surfaces, burns, and it has 3 strands.
3. Purple Balls (Vampire) - Flies upward, carries objects upwards, and it has 2 strands.
4. Red Balls (Inferno) - Burns faster, invulnerable to spikes, bigger mass, and it has 4 Strands.
5. Orange Balls (Unearthed) - Sticky Bomb, has a slow rate of burn, weak strands, and it has 2 strands.
6. Green Balls (Butterfly) - Long strands, invulnerable to spikes, strong strands, huge mass, and it has 3 strands.
7. White Ball (Ancient) - Huge Mass, Invulnerable, and it has 4 strands.


The Chapter Map of Mystify Collision World contains plenty of settings were the story for the game would be.

1. Mystify Factory - Your starting location where the first level located.
2. Lunar Snowfields - Lunar Balls' hometown. Lots of blizzards occurring every week. The first Crystal Level is in this location.
3. Scarab Desert - Hot desert with a few oasis. Scarab Balls' hometown. The second Crystal Level is in this location.
4. Purple Ocean - Deep water calamity being overflow by plenty of rains.
5. Haunted House - Vampire Balls' hometown. It was abandoned in many years. The third Crystal Level is in this location.
6. Inferno Volcano - A massive volcano which the Inferno Balls live. The fourth Crystal Level is in this location.
7. Mystify Beach - After the eruptions of Inferno Volcano, this location is being created by many crusts of the lava.
8. Shipwreck Ocean - Many ships being sunk when many rains occur. The fifth Crystal Level is in this location.
9. Aspirin Jungle - The real home of the Unearthed Balls. This is once a healing rain forest with plenty of herbs to heal the people. The sixth Crystal Level is in this location.
10. Butterfly Tower - The home of the Butterflies. This ancient tower is 125 years old becoming the part of Aspirin Jungle. The seventh Crystal Level is in this location.
11. Mystification Machine (label doesn't show up) - Burning all 7 Crystals were being sent to this location to destroy the crystal for a sure peace treaty.

Please, if the OCD is too high, or impossible, or something missing tell me below the comments so I can edit it for Version 1.4.

Forum Topic

If you want to post informational for Mystify Collision World, go to this forum.

Since the old topic is now officially locked, so the new 2013 version will be open.


On May 27, 2014, inwog released World of Goo: Bubble Quest that contains MCW released levels. There are 26 Collision Levels in this set.

The game foreshadows Bubble Quest as the next part of the game. The Sign Painter mentions in on one level.


1. All 7 Crystals starting from Version 1.3 has a picture of the balls associated with.
2. Players will be able to use the balls in the follow: Lunar, Scarab, Vampire, Inferno, Unearthed, Butterfly, and Ancient.
3. All 7 custom balls are fast moving, yet warm colored balls are flammable while cool colored balls have stretchable strands.
4. "The Purple Crystal" has a scary face resembling the one in Scary Maze Game. Its purpose however to destroy the crystal if the player didn't make it to burn so this is the first crystal level that the crystal itself can be destroyed. Also, the barrier has a writing saying "Destroy this barrier if you dare"
5. In "The Red Crystal", after destroying a barrier, an evil laugh will be heard, and that laugh is similar to The Ultimate Level Challenge's evil laugh whereas Devil Bombs explode.
6. "The Green Crystal" is the only level in the entire game to have a weather effect onscreen.
7. Some of the level names are derived from songs, notably "Express Your Wheel (Express Yourself by Madonna)", "Born This Way (by Lady Gaga)", "Bring me to Life (by Evanescence)", "The Night, The Sun Came Up (by Dev)", and "Moving Mountains (by Usher)".

More trivia coming soon...


Version 1.0 - May 13, 2012 - May 31, 2012
Version Summary - I started planning this addin on April 17, 2012, making images for the 50 levels. Then after 3 weeks I finished the levels. It's like woah! I came up with a gigantic addin with Utility Balls and Custom Balls. I used GIMP to create every ball's body parts. Even though I want to create cutscenes as well, but I should do it on the next version.

Version 1.1 - May 31, 2012 - July 15, 2012
Version Summary - This version has a lot of updates and changes compared to the original version. About 10 changes to make the addin more cleaner and exclusive. It was during the testing of the addin, and Version 1.0 is unavailable to the public.

Version 1.2 - July 15, 2012 - December 26, 2012
Version Summary - Since I recognized Mygod's walkthrough video, the pipes at the Aspirin Jungle weren't fixed at that time, so I discovered this thing through that video and fix that jam. Also some changes, and added features were in this version, even a new icon with a large picture.

Version 1.3 - December 26, 2012 - present
Version Summary - I've finally discovered something missing in my addin, which the target line for The Yellow Crystal. Most likely this version would have a newly redesigned levels for the game so the addin would get varied. Like Hany's Far Lands, everything in the addin would be redesigned into a real life Mystify Collision World, even the chapter map.

Thanks to the beta testers puggsoy and goomatz for checking errors, or missing stuff in the addin.


Addin made by inwog

World of Goo New Level Pack OCD Mystify Collision World
World of Goo New Level Pack OCD Mystify Collision World
by Mygod Studio.

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The Poster for Mystify Collision World 2013
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