Level Addins

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Sandbox : NO LIMITS!

Based on MattOG's sandbox but you can have as much goo as your heart desires with gooball and block dispensers and awsome added features:

  • Zero Gravity (Instead of Anti-Gravity) +Goo Spaceship
  • Venus!
  • Conveyor Belt
  • More Water
  • Bin! (or for Americans: Trash can)
  • Lemon gooballs
  • RectHead, Fuse and Bit dispensers
  • Ball buster and detacher gears
  • fire

Check out screenshots! (I didn't change the video)
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Infinitive Windows Freezer
Half-assed new screenshot

by XDboy

NEW! - GooTool(R) AdScience(tm) - Billboard flavor.
Infinite Goo wasn't enough, now this addin also features some awesome Advertising Idol billboards. And that doesn't mean just those of the contest.
Start your own World(of Goo)wide Ad-Campaign* today!
Although the Billboard Contest is over, you can still design and upload your own billboards to goofans.com and let the new GooTool Billboard Update function** flood your marketing messages into millions*** of games of valued customers. Please follow the guidelines of the recently closed Billboard Contest.

new, too: a Death Zone, Bone Goo Balls, labels up to 500m.

Rescue the Goos

My 2º level come to save the goo´s.
New Images,Background,Sounds.

New Version of Rescue The Goo's V1.4
Much larger islands.
New balls with hats of troops.
Same 18´OCD.But I got OCD, 20 goo's with this change.
Same number of balls.
Same objective.

Jingle Balls
The Christmas tree and the gift

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The Goo Balls were nestled all snug by the fire.
In hope of avoiding the Sign Painter's ire.

Fat chance.