Indies invade - An easter egg special

Easter eggs are hereAuthor: Pavke
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Easter eggs are here!

Indie games have united and invaded the World.... of Goo.

They are scattered across many levels! It is up to you to find them all.
If you want this to be fun Please DON'T look whats inside the addin

Here is a tip: Start from the picture on the right ->

And here are few riddles so you can find the easily


"Who started the fire?" - Super Meat boy from Super Meat Boy
"This is a strange dimension, topless one!" - Captain Veridian from VVVVVV
"They almost can't see me from the clouds!" - Runman from Runman
"Very nice here, everything is blue" - Osmos ball from Osmos
"It is almost night..." - NightSky ball from NighSky
"Waters here are so filthy" - Naija from Aquaria
"Need to dig deeper, this shaft is too small!" - Steve from Minecraft
"I'm a robot. Where could I possibly go?" - Josef from Machinarium
"Shadow in the dark, thats what I am!" - Limbo boy from Limbo
"Are those balls of thar over there?" - Gish from Gish
"I need to save my princess Beauty" - Tim from Braid
"This reminds me of my cousin Beat" - Commander Video from BIT.TRIP

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Easter eggs are here
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