Is it just me, or did goofans all of a sudden got popular?

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I came in, no other members are online, but I saw over a hundred guests! This is the first time, I'm amazed bout it!

And it gets better:

Is this a glitch or what? If not, then since when did this web site got so popular and how? Btw, if there is any way, I want to make this web site even more popular, so there would be plenty of members and thousands of guests Laughing out loud

Awesome, isn't it?

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I noticed there was about 110 guests here a few weeks ago. Very surprising.
As for making this website more popular, it ain't gonna work.
I attempt to advertise goofans and infernofans on a forum called flipline forum and of course people weren't happy with me. 3 hours after i advertised i got banned,so i don't recommend doing it.
And BTW the users on the flipline forum were the most rudest and random people you ever seen.
I also bragged how much this website is better than theirs, biggest mistake ever.
Do you think i should annoy them more? and maybe WE can annoy them together? Sorry if i'm being a little mean.

EDIT: i'm unbanned and the guys forgave me. And i think they are getting along with me. However, they are still random and rude most of the time.

Hey there

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The website does have a lot of guests, I don't think there's a single time recently that I've come here and there haven't been at least 100. Not to burst your bubble though, but I think it's quite likely that a large number of these are bots. They could be bots that are banned but still trying to log in, ones that are trying to register but are being blocked, or some other kind of automated user.
I'm sure there are still a lot of human guests too, but not all of them.

As for making the site more popular... it really isn't necessary. We have a nice little community here, and anybody else who's interested in World of Goo will probably find GooFans on their own. Spamming it on other sites is downright rude, and will probably harm the site's reputation rather than help it.
In short, anybody who would want to know this website exists can find it easily through Google.

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Hopefully the release of APc3 (tonight if nothing goes wrong) will help a bit as well.

Sorry, I'm really excited right now. Tongue

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.