Unable to decode profile on Linux Ubuntu 12.04

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Hello, GooFans!
I am the unlucky gooball in this world, because I can't upload my profile. it sends me an error with the message:
*unable to decode profile
*unable to decode profile
*unable to decode profile
*unable to decode profile
I am using Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
please help


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Unfortunately, it's a problem with the site at the moment. It hasn't been able to accept incoming profiles for about a year now. Got some knowledge about using PythonXML in Linux Debian servers, by chance?

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Unfortunately, nope Sad But I will try my best at reasearching, though. But fortunately, I can use GooTool, addins, and save image Smile

P.S. love simpson gooball style


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I have the same problem Sad(
I use windows 7
I made a high tower 32 meters and will be even bigger i want to publish my profile Sad

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You cannot publish your profile currently on this site.

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This needs to be put on the front page or something. Can mods do that?