GooTool small problem

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me and thb noticed that gootool doesn't delete custom folders when you uninstall goomods. Sometimes that's problem when you are updating mods... gootool loads old stuff...

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How is that a problem? U can just delete the old file and put the new file!

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not everyone from those 2500 download per week know that. And it's a bit tiring when you have to do that all the time when creating mods, installing new ones, deleting old ones... Besides, i think gootool has had that feature in that past...

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Another problem I had lately was that GooTool was suddenly appending goomod level info to the island1.scene.xml instead of replacing. Dunno if other files were affected.
So enabling/disabling a few levels and saving (or just saving without enabling/disabling) would lead to a pretty big file with tons of redundant data. Thereby I was unable to really deactivate mods. GooTool would display them as inactive, but even after uninstalling the mods in GooTool the levels would still be visible in the first chapter. Predictable, since there was still all that data in the island1.scene.xml. When trying to start one of the levels, WoG crashed.
After that, I made a clean GooTool game dir install and couldn't reproduce the behavior...

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The same thing happened to me when installing/uninstalling mods...

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Yeah, I had this problem too for a while. Downloading and installing the World of Goo patch fixed it for me, but I'm assuming you already had that installed? Wink

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Regarding the original problem, I know, this has been on the TODO list since day 1 but never seemed very urgent.

Regarding both problems, the whole "build custom World of Goo" code is going to be largely rewritten soon anyway to support targetted builds (e.g. iPhone) so I'll keep this in mind when I write that.