New version of "World of Goo Level Editor" v0.72

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The name may have changed, but everything else is the same... or better. Get it here

Changing the name has a couple of effects..

i) Old links to the download page won't work
ii) The Patch installer may not remember where you put the Full Version.
-but it will still default to Program Files\WoGCorp\WoGEditor.. so should be fine in most cases.
iii) New icon called "World of Goo Level Editor" on your desktop / start menu
Remove the old one if you want.

Oh.. and I realise the new name's going to be quite an effort to type...
So I think the acronym should be WooGLE

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Just as begin to think it couldn't get any better.... Smile
Really really good Dab, great, you outdone yourself.
Woogle looks like a real high-budget pro program! It has everything!

Keep it up Wink

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Excellent. I discovered only yesterday that WoG Editor have reborn and that made my day. Thanks to the GPL license applied on the original and to you for continue the project. Smile

I'm going to try to built it. By the way, is there any way to provide Linux binaries like for the 0.70 version ? I'm not sure to be able to succeed the compilation.

A suggestion : add a tab or something to switch to XML edit mode. With a nice colored code and level files pre-opened. Sometimes, working directly in the code is quicker than trying to do some specific thing in the UI. A built-in text editor can be a practical companion for the graphic editor.

Another idea : be able to open levels that aren't already in res/levels. For instance, open goomod levels, or open level folders that are somewhere else.

Can't wait the end of exams to have the time to really test it!

Edit: With the instructions left by Opac, the built was easy to do. Thanks Opac Laughing out loud ! So here is the Linux 0.72 version : Wink

Edit2: Ok, another another suggestion. Or question. How to add a property that isn't offered in the list? I want to add the strandgeom="true" to a compositegeom but I can't. This is what someone advised me to do last year to correct the major issue of my unique and unfinished level, but strandgeom isn't offered in the properties list. Thanks!

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I'll try and get a few folk to download the new binary and check it... then I'll put it on the page. Thanks for that! Smile

Re: XML Editor
I can't think of anything that would be easier / quicker to change in the XML directly, and it's unlikely that I'll be re-writing Notepad++ from scratch.

That said... I am working on improving the "ease" of editing a few things...
if you can think of any specific examples / improvements.. let me know.

Re: StrandGeom
StrandGeom is not "missing"...
It is not offered in the geometry objects because it is a level-wide flag.
It's an attribute of the Level root, so that's where you'll find it. Wink

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Ok, I haven't thought to search strandgeom in . I'm testing it now. Thanks! Smile

For the XML Editor, there can be some mechanical tasks. Like, I don't know, maybe duplicating Goos and align them or something else... Just I feel sometimes more at ease with a text editor, but parallel to the graphic editor. Currently, if you want to hack a bit in the XML, even "just to see", you have to save, quit the editor, find the folder, decrypt the files, open them, edit them, encrypt them, open again the editor, open again the level in it. Stare

Just a little simple text editor, not a big one, just something to touch occasionally to the code, in a corner, could be nice. And there are probably simple libraries to do code coloration. Smile

Another suggestion. Be able to hold the Ctrl key in order to :
- Move objects on only one axis at the same time when dragging them with the mouse. Pressing Ctrl while move an element will constrain the moving vertically or horizontally.
- Resize thing at scale. Currently, when you resize an object with a corner, the resizing is free and can easily deform the original ratio. Mostly annoying for images.

And another one : when an object is selected, pressing arrows should move it.

Edit: I'm trying Tango icons instead of the current ones. They look fine: (not finished yet) Smile

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Some notes for WoG Editor Guide (that is great!):
In part about exits is no information about bug with sucking antigrav balls. This bug probably is visible only in my Experimental Level Project (levels 8 & 9), because original antigrav balls aren't suckable.
And somewhere should be information about bug with Time Bugs. When you pop Time Bug, sometimes unstable geometries crashes. Probably hinges are not moved to past positions. It's visible in my level Destroying Unit.

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I just took a look at Destroying Unit... yeah that's MESSED UP!!
I'll add a note... Cheers Smile

On the "bug with sucking antigrav balls"... I presume you're talking about the difficulty getting IdeaofGoo and other antigrav balls into the pipe.

Well I think "it's not a bug, it's a feature"!

antigrav balls don't get sucked when they are attached, regardless of whether they are "suckable" or not, but I think 2D Boy meant for that to happen.

When you've got a floating structure (A few goos and a balloon say), you want the structure to be sucked onto the pipe, not the balloon. If the balloon was sucked it would get stuck on the pipe and would be hard to dislodge.

That said, I think there are a couple of changes you could make to IdeaofGoo (maybe others) so they are easier to get in the pipe.
Adding a small dampening seems to help.. maybe 0.05.. this will make it slow down and stop, so it wouldn't just keep moving backwards and forwards over the pipe.

Also on IdeaofGoo, the shape of the ball doesn't match the image...

The real goo (the thing that can be sucked) is only at the top (the bulb), but because of the image it looks like the bottom bit (the screw) can be sucked too, but it can't.
If you know this when you're playing, and try to get the middle of the blub (where the fire is) over the pipe, it always goes in fine.

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I think that resource names should be not "IMAGE_FOLDERNAME_FILENAME", but "IMAGE_LEVELFOLDER_FILENAME". It will make them more unique. I know that sometimes equal resource names in two levels could make some problems with loading resources in secound level.

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I have seen this problem as well.. but I think it is OK as IMAGE_FOLDERNAME_FILENAME. Because the equal resource names is only a problem if the files they point to are different.

Level#1 -> image1 = folder/file.png
Level#2 -> image1 = folder2/file2.png
Is a problem, sometimes.

Level#1 -> image1 = folder/file.png
Level#2 -> image1 = folder/file.png
is OK.

So since IMAGE_FOLDERNAME_FILENAME == foldername/filename.png (always)
It should be fine used in multiple levels.