can't load version 7.2 of wog editor

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Hey, I installed the newest version of wog editor but it won't load! HELP!!!!!!!!!

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If you used the "Patch" version... try using the Full Setup instead.

Do you see the black console window?
Does that show an error or any text at all?

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I have similar problem. When I'm trying to run WoG Editor 7.2, console and main window appears and suddenly closes. It does too fast to read text on console...

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try opening cmd and then navigating to your install folder in cmd

then execute the wogeditor.exe in cmd and see what error message is displayed

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Error Messages in console:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 2682, in <module>
  File "", line 1489, in __init__
  File "", line 1506, in _reloadGameModel
  File "", line 270, in __init__
  File "", line 354, in _loadBalls
  File "metaworld.pyc", line 901, in make_world

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Looks like there's something "dodgy" going on in your balls folder....

I've had to change a couple of things to do with loading balls, in order to cope with missing ones... looks like this might be the opposite problem... duplicate balls.

So far as I can see, you'll get that error if there a 2 balls with the same name in your balls folder.

If you have 2 balls.xml.bin files in different folders but with the same name="{ballname}" in them... I think that would cause it.

See if you can figure out which ones might be causing the problem... and remove or rename one of them...
..and I'll look at improving what it does when it finds duplicate balls.

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OK. Everything works correctly. Smile The reason of problems was copy of balloon folder (called "Bon"), that I have made when I trying to edit WoG over one year ago.

WoG Editor becomes realy advenced and proffesional program. Grat job DaB!

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thanks, it works now. but i don't know what file caused the problem. oh well.