WooGLE for Mac - first steps

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Looking at may be making WooGLE properly compatible with Mac...
Obviously this is not only a case of just getting the program to run on a MAC, but also getting it to handle all the xml and resources files, which are encrypted / encoded differently to PC and Linux versions.

Can anyone think of an "easy" way I can get hold of all the WoG data files, in the correct folders, in the MAC Formats... without a MAC!?

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So... simply getting the MAC version off 2dboy.com is not an option?

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A Mac app is just a folder with the extension ".app". You can extract DMG files using 7zip, though it seems that the package is slightly incompatible. (Other DMGs were openable with 7zip. Maybe it doesn't support license agreement implementations?)

Edit: You could always go to your nearest Apple Store and bring along a USB drive or something. I'm not sure if they'd allow you to use USB drives, but they should if you tell them what you're doing. In any case, prepare a server to upload files to.

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I tried downloading the Mac Demo, hoping to get just the files for chapter 1
I can open the dmg (with 7zip) but the files inside look like an installer or some sort of "packaged" app which I can't access.

My "nearest" Apple store is about 50miles so I'm reluctant to make the trip on the "off chance" they'll let me install some software on one of their machines.

Right now, it's looking like my "best bet" is to write my own little util to decrypt all the PC files and recode them in the Mac Formats. But then I'm assuming....
a) that all the files are held in the same folders with the same names as the PC version
b) the encoding code I come up with "works"... as I've got no good way of checking that the recoded files are correct.

What I really need is the "originals"... anyone else got any other ideas?

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You've got mail.

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The Apple Store will let you install stuff to their Macs. I've practically installed the entire Humble Indie Bundle on their system, and they really don't care. One of the guys commented on me playing Portal there, but it was not like a "I will kickk you off" comment.

Say, what did the DMG contain anyways? If it's a few large files, chances are you can double click them and get inside. If it's a .app file, it's just a regular folder.

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Kinda moot now... have the files... Tnx david Smile

But the dmg contains a couple of little files and the "big" one is an HFS.. which my system won't recognize / decode / open.

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I remember there was an utility for viewing HFS filesystems (I used it for setting up Mini vMac), though I don't know whether or not it reads the one from OS X. Anyways, have fun with your Mac data.

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