New Bug Found : throw sounds don't work right

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Now the Ball Editor's available I imagine quite a few people are going to run into this problem... and hopefully this thread will attract their attention and we won't get a million questions about it.

First discovered by Albino Pokey.
Although I say "discovered".. more like he was the first to crash into the tip of the iceberg.

Here's what I've found so far.
The event sound for the throw event is REALLY DODGY!

If your ball has sounds assigned to the throw event (or even if it doesn't) then the game may play the sounds from a different event when you throw the ball.
Note: By throw I just mean let go of it while moving even a little bit quickly.

If throw is the last sound event in the ball file (bottom of the list in the editor tree)... then it seems fine!

If it's missing, or if any of these events bounce land or deathfall appear after it in the list, then the game will play the sound from whichever of those events appears last in the list. (I think!)

It's complicated, but it does explain why BombSticky makes the "death" noise when you throw it, even though the XML file says MUMBLE1,MUMBLE2, and why common makes a kind of "sticky squishy" noise, even though the XML file says MUMBLE.

And why AP's new ball does what it does.

Haven't investigated "fully"...
There may be other sounds that can be played instead of throw.
There may be other sound events that are just as DODGY as throw

Feel free to investigate further for yourselves, and post back with more info....

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Oh.. and we can add one more to the list of events... exit
If exit appears after throw then throwing can make exit's noise.

Look like this might have been actually "used" by 2DBoy on Ivy Goos.
exit is the last sound in the list, but the sound attribute is left empty, so Ivy's don't make any noise when you throw them (besides the POP of the marker)

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This is getting confusing...

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MOM4Evr wrote:
This is getting confusing...

Tell me about it!!! Puzzled

I'm hoping a few more people with "have a play"... and maybe find other things...
Right now it boils down to....

If you want your goo to make a noise when you throw it...
make sure you put throw as the last sound event.

If you don't want your goo to make any noise when you throw it...
make sure exit (or deathfall) is the last in the list, but don't specify a sound for it.

Simple eh?... let's hope it stays that way. Wink

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With BIT goos, does THROW do anything? SNAP is the "launch," but what about the "arrow stretching" sound effect? Is it hard-coded?

EDIT: Wow! 2 other posts while I was typing!

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Scary! I can't find that stretching sound! But if you clone the bit, it still plays! Ideas, DaB?
And scarier: new complication: I don't think that the bit's pop2 sound is ever played. I've never heard it in the game. This makes me think that only one ballbuster sound can be used.

EDIT: never mind, it's not in the code. Hmmm...

EDIT 2: Yep, if the second pop sound is placed in the xml for the bit ball, no sound is used at all. Looks like we can only have one ballbuster sound.

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Doubtful throw does anything, since you can't pick them up to "throw" them...

But the arrow noise does appear hard-coded as well.
It uses resources SOUND_GLOBAL_FLING0-9 which use the flingX.ogg files in the sounds folder. But there's no reference to any FLING sounds in either Bit or Pilot.. so...

@MOM4Evr... yup tried that... that's why WooBLE only let's you have one popsound.