Interesting Facts about WoG Movies

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I've discovered a few things when experimenting with Goovie:

1: If it doesn't find a certain text resource, it will display "$RESOURCE_NAME" and not crash.

2: If an entire movie is not found, the game won't crash, it will just skip it.

3: If an actor doesn't have a "0" keyframe the first keyframe is moved to time 0.

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About 0 keyframe. It's not required. If 1st keyframe of actor is at the time 9.0, actor becomes visible in this frame. Check my WaterFilm form "Tower of Water".

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1) True
Movies do seem to handle missing text "better" than signs and levels and such.
The $ is added automatically by Goovie...
Without the $ the game ALWAYS displays RESOURCE_NAME even if that text resource does exist.

2) Yup... that's how GooTool does the "Skip Opening Sequence" option...
It just doesn't copy the 2DBoyLogo movies into the modded folder.
This also implies that "x" ( used in cutscene ) is not a "special" entry that denotes "do nothing", it's actually just a movie that can't be found!

3) There's something "funny" going when actors don't have a 0 time frame...
Sometimes it seems to show "immediately" at time 0
Sometimes they seem to be invisible until whatever the first frame time is.

I have just found one VERY interesting thing though....
If you don't supply a 0 frame, and the first frame you do give is interpolated...
The game seems to EX-trapolate back for time 0 to {first frame}
Will need to look into that further.. that might be what's causing the "sometimes" in the above,