How I Can Make The Camera Move In My Level?

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Sorry For My Lots Questions But...
Some Levels Like Volcanic Percolator Day Spa The Camera Will Move.
How I Can Do This???

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Well, I would just say , but it looks like we don't have anything there for cameras and poi's...

At the top of the level tab, there should be two elements called "camera"s, one "normal" and one "widescreen". Each will have one or more "poi" elements beneath them. When you first make a level, there's only one poi. You can toggle showing/hiding these poi's in the level view by clicking the camera icon near the upper-right of your screen. Each poi has a pos, zoom, pause, and traveltime. You can change the pos by moving them around, but the other fields you have to edit by hand.

Zoom is how far in/out the camera is. If the zoom is something like 2.0, that means the level will appear twice as large. Conversely, 0.5 zoom makes the level appear twice as small. The last poi's zoom will determine the overall zoom of the level.

Pause is how long the camera will pause at that location, in seconds. It's generally a bad idea to pause more than a second, as it may bore players.

Traveltime is how long it takes to get from the last poi to this one, in seconds. Generally, a couple seconds is a long, dramatic pan, while much less than a second is a fast, nauseating pan.

Here's a protip: Play with the poi's for the "normal" camera until you get them how you want them (assuming you're using a non-widescreen resolution; if you're using widescreen, do this the other way around), then copy and paste these poi's into the "widescreen" camera, so the panning behaves the same for everyone.

Oh, and since I don't see any "add camera POI" button in WooGLE, you'll have to right-click the camera you're working on, and choose "Add poi" when you want a new camera poi.

Make sense?

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I figured out how camera's worked just by fiddling around with them. I'd recommend to follow MOM's advice and just see how they work yourself.

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I Learn How To Make My Camera Move!

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Congrats. With practice, you can hopefully make some really nice intros Smile