New levels for iPad?

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What are the chances we could get some of these level packs added to the app store?

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0% Wink

The levels on this site are unofficial, community-made levels. By my reckoning, to get them on the App Store is well near impossible, let alone likely.

As far as I know, the App Store is for commercial (or extremely popular) applications made for the iPhone, iPad, or whatever. First of all, these levels are made to be installed with GooTool, and as of the present time, there is no iOS version for it, so even installing them with a jailbroken iPhone (or whatever) isn't possible. Furthermore, as I mentioned before, the App Store is for official stuff, whereas these levels are purely made by anyone who has WoG and a computer that can run the modding tools.
Lastly, I think the App Store is only for applications (guess how I got that), and all the levels on this site are classified, by any definition, as modifications.

I'm really sorry to burst your bubble though. I'd also love to see some of these levels on Apple devices (despite me not having one), seeing people play my levels on an iPad would be awesome!
I think that the closest you're gonna get is GooTool on iOS and, if we're lucky, it might even make it's way onto the App Store. But if that happens, it's a looooong way off.

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I have always wanted gootool on appstore!

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Maybe Ron and Kyle would add it (replace the original files in a copy of the source code), if a Total Conversion ever got finished.

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