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From what I read from books you can modify your WoG if your Iphone is jailbreaked. Is it possible to add new levels in Android?

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Yes. I think these steps will work:

  1. Get the apk. (from your device or the Internet)
  2. Unzip your apk.
  3. Convert your custom data to the right format and copy it to the target directory.
  4. Re-zip the directory.
  5. Install this apk on your Android device.

But I didn't try that yet. You can try it. Generally you don't need to root your device. Wink

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Moved to Mods and Hacks, since this is related to WoG modding.

I think that Android uses the same encryption formats as PC, so not much converting needs to be done. Just make sure that if you want to use modifications from a goomod, you need to manually encrypt .xml files, and manually merge and encrypt .xsl files.
I'm not sure though, maybe Android uses different formats.

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Android version uses not encrypted file format.

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So, can I use the gootool iphone function? Or not?

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Nope. You'll have to install goomods manually, by extracting and copying the files yourself. Although, as Mygod said, Android WoG doesn't use encrypted files, so it'll be easy, you won't have to convert anything.

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Android is not so baby-screaming like Iphone.

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G0o-gle wrote:
Android is not so baby-screaming like Iphone.

You're right Smile