ISH Signs Problem

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After a long day of debugging why my glowing signs (using the signpostDlgIsh movies) wouldn't play in APc3 when it used res/islands/island4.xml.bin, I've found a new "feature" 2D Boy put in for no discernable reason.

The ISH signs don't just show up if you're in Island 4. They only show up if you're in World 4 AND there is a level in the island.xml file called HelloWorld. There doesn't need to be a button, just a level.

Hopefully this will save other people hours of debugging. I have no idea why 2D Boy would code it that way, it makes no sense. But now we understand it.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Just tested it and it seems the ISH sign can be shown in ANY island as long as the FIRST level in island.xml is HelloWorld.
So that means we can use ISH sign in ANY island now. Thanks Albino Pokey! Laughing out loud

EDIT: ISH sign in Island 2:


Chapter Addin Development wrote:
Note that a whole chapter will unlock when the first level (That you put in the XSL here) in that chapter has a depends="[level]" criteria that's met. If the first level in that chapter that has no depends, that chapter will stay unlocked, and that level will be playable from the beginning. For my mod here, I'm not worried about it, since it's a one-chapter addin. But if you want to make multiple chapters, you'll want to make the first level of one chapter depend on the last level of the previous chapter. For example, in the original game, Drool (The first level of chapter 2), depends on RegurgitationPumpingStation (The last level of chapter 1). This way, Chapter 2 unlocks when you complete Chapter 1.

According to @MOM4Evr's tutorial, you should set island/level[@id="HelloWorld"]/@depends to the same as the @depends of your first level or your chapter will stay locked or unlocked.

EDIT: I just improved ISH Signs with this method which is easier and less harmful and it has no bug when tested from WooGLE.
The only bug is that it can be overrided by new chapters so it may not work in new chapters. Tongue

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This is an extremely awesome find. This essentially means that we can control which signs appear in which chapters, which would be super handy when making chapters with custom signs. Well done guys!

Mygod, do you think I should use your goomods for my ISH Signs and Wooden Signs addins? They are indeed superior to mine and I could add a note about not mixing them with new chapters.

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Sure. Just add me as an additional author. I'm lazy to create another addin. Tongue
By the way, keep your 1.0 versions as well because they are less likely to be overrided by new chapters.

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I'll do that, yeah. I'll add a note to say that if you're installing new chapters and have problems with the 2.0 versions, use the 1.0 versions.

EDIT: Ugh, I can't upload new goomods to it, probably something with Drupal. Once that gets fixed I'll add them though.