How do I get the map to recognize my new level?

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See, I want to make new levels which build off of the original ones, requiring a bit more strategy and such.

Here's the issue: The world map (y'know, the islands where the levels are) refuses to recognize the level marker for my new level. What do I do?

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If you are making the level normally, they'll appear in top-left corner in Chapter 1.
If you want to make a whole Chapter, read this guide. Everything is explained in a detailed way about creating new chapters.

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yea... but i recommend you to not mess with "a chapter" unless you are a programmer or an expert modder...

because chapter are hard to edit even with an editor...

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Adding levels to an existing chapter isn't too hard.

What you need to do is add the level information to the res/islands/island[number].xml.bin file, then edit the island[number] level and add your button.

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aw yea!

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