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1. how do you add a custom gooball to your level? im trying to add a pixel spawner.

2. the image on my level "the pillar" is glitched. sometimes its proper, sometimes its an image from chapter 1 level 2?

3. how do you make a level pack? does WooGLE do it automatically?

4. is a bot attacking us or something? look at all the spam ;-;

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Try to right click the level element and choose add ball or you can add a ball from the ball tab and just change the type.

Nerdy Z is coming.

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I've merged all of your forum topics into one. Please don't spam new forum topics; it just makes things annoying.

3. See

4. Creating forum topics about spam is counter-productive. Either use already existing forum topics, or better yet ignore them entirely. We don't have people monitoring the site 24/7, but trust me, spam here gets banned very quickly.