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(now I wrote id)how i can made goomod file?

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1. Download an addin from
2. Open it with WinRAR/WinZIP, or just rename the file from "~.goomod" to "" and double-click it.
3. Change whatever needs changing. As in, put your own files in, and make sure to edit the "addin.xml" that should be in the root of the goomod. (
4. Rename back to "~.goomod".
5. Double-click and play to your heart's content.

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there no pictures in my level( in game).

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Do you have pictures and image resources in your level originally when you made it in the level editor?

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you have so much problem about level editor and goomod

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Are you sure that there's an Override folder in the goomod, with all your images?

I'd recommend using WooGLE to make level goomods, at least at the beginning.

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