World of Goo Bug - Cannot Click Buttons on UI

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I have set the appropriate resolution for my monitor (which is widescreen, 1600x900) and am unable to move the mouse all the way to the bottom and the right portion of the screen. This is strange, as I have the resolution set correctly using GooTool, and have the latest version. My system is 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04. Let me know if you want any log files. I believe that this is a bug with the game itself. Thanks for porting it to Linux though! This seems to be my only issue so far... Anyhow,I have a video of what this looks like (Unfortunately crappy cell phone video), but you can tell what the bug is. Just follow the black cursor. I've made it public on Google Drive here:
Thank you for your assistance!

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Hello, and welcome to the site!

Someone just posted recently with the same problem. Try using a lower resolution - it seems that the monitor and the computer are disagreeing about where the bottom right corner is.

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Thanks, that was a quick response. Anyhow, will this bug be fixed? Or is it a bug in Xorg?

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We're not 2D Boy so we can't say if the bug will/can be fixed or not. Although even if you report it to 2D Boy, chances are they won't do much about it. WoG is a pretty old game and although it is in the Humble Bundle, any development or further patches aren't likely.