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I recently bough a Windows 8 tablet, and first thing I did was to install WOG (steam version) to enjoy touching the Goos with my fingers.

But I was very disappointed: touch screen actually react exactly like the mouse version. It's almost impossible to play that way: touch a goo next to the screen border, and the screen will scroll until you touch the center again. Even the Goos can't be moved in a touch-and-move movement: I have to fist touch a Goo, then touch another location to place it.

I was wondering if there was a way to activate a touchscreen mode?
Googling about it only shows results about ipad and other devices version, not Windows.


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Hey there!

Windows 8 tablets are fairly new, and I'd imagine a lot of programs (games in particular) aren't built with touchscreen controls in mind as of yet. I haven't heard anything from 2DBoy about making a new version of World of Goo, and I suspect they probably won't. Sorry!

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OK, I was just wondering if there was already a built-in option to change the behavior.

It's too bad there is no support for touch control, as WOG would be perfect supporting that behavior.

Thank you for your answer.

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Maybe the Linux version supports it, seeing as the mouse controls were rewritten. But I don't know.

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